Extreme Bizzare

Sometimes people crave things that aren't in the normal category and that where's Extreme Bizzarre came in. This site brought things that aren't usually in the menu. They may call it taboo, some like to call it weird, but the truth is, it is just a different way of appreciating new ideas and new flavors. This site mostly deals with BDSM activities, submission, domination and things that are more in the dark side. It is a little odd for others, but people who appreciate these things get a good dose of what they are looking for from this site. Unfortunately, this website is no longer at work and they have completely stopped functioning. Too bad for those who loved this site, but don't fret because you are about to see similar sites like this on Rabbit's Reviews. You get weirder stuff here, more crazy things that will surely turn you on even more.

Extreme Bizzarre